Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Possible Mailman in my Future

Today as we were in the car I began asking the kids what they thought they wanted to be when they grew-up. I got all sorts of answers from a mom to maybe a cow. But I was not prepared for the answer Bg would give. A mailman. So I went on to ask him why he would want to be a mailman. He said, "Well, you get to drive a really cool truck, wear any clothes you want (we live outside city limits), and when I get big and move away then I can stop by and see you everyday when I bring you your mail."
I was NOT prepared for such a sweet answer. That made all these years of wiping butts, cleaning vomit, and never getting enough sleep TOTALLY worth while! Thank you Lord for such a great reminder of just how much this momma is loved and what a blessing my children are!

.....Well, I felt I needed to add to this post that I just finished. You know the one where my Bg is so sweet and wants to make sure he sees me everyday when he is older. I made my way up to bed and got all ready for some much needed sleep.... just to find that that same sweet little boy who begged to nap in our bed today....thought it would be necessary to UN-stuff my pillow and throw it all behind our bed!!