Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Family Fun

Life has become so crazy around here. Now that 3 of the kids are in activities I feel as though my house may have said good bye to its clean days. But we always make time for some family fun along the way.
This weekend Troy had his first camp out with the big three kids in our backyard. I got to sleep in the big comfy bed alone and listen for the 2 little ones! :) We cooked marshmallows and sat around the fire pit for awhile once we got the 2 smallest babes asleep. Much to my surprise the kids slept really well out back and so did daddy!
Saturday we got up and bathed the kids and hit the road to Ames. We went out for pizza and walked down Main Street some...its was a beautiful night!
Sunday we went to Ada Hayden Park and went through the little stick maze (pics to come!) and let the kids throw things out in the water. It was so relaxing! That afternoon we attended James and Jacey's high school graduation. Troy and I and the two oldest girls went while the little 3 napped at grandma's. We are so proud of them and were glad to be part of their special day!
Monday we were able to go to Hidden Acres and hand out with the Graden's. It was a fun time to hand out with them and let our kids play! We were so entertained by the chicken's, being brought fresh warm eggs by the mini chicken farmers playing outside! They also got to pick up some baby goats, pet a pig, a lamb, and feed some baby horses! But, the highlight of the day was the pink barbie jeep that pulled a wagon and was driven by some crazy kids! Then off to Ames for a baseball game...followed by a late night drive home.
It was a perfect weekend and as K said in the car today..."We don't need family fun night this week, cause we just had a fun family WEEKEND!"
I pray we have many more fun times to follow!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No "Butts" About It

There's no butts about it we will be changing our blog sight soon....more details to come in the near future!

Our little g (Lg) thought he would come to breakfast this way earlier in the week....I knew I would find a good use for this photo at some point!

Monday, May 4, 2009

One Hour and Thirty-two Minutes Later

Dad completed his first triathlon this past weekend. Here are a few pictures to prove he did it and finished!

He did a great job and finished 6 minutes before his estimated time! I am super proud of him and his hard work.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Did You Know?

We just might have a model on our hands....

She can never resist the urge....

To smile and pose....EVERY time there is......

A camera in sight!!