Friday, March 20, 2009

Wild Water Weekend

E-"Mommy , when we get there do you think you would have to hold me"
Me -"Why? You mean in the pool?"
E-"No, cause Gage has shoes on his feet."
Me-" Where are you shoes?"
E-"Well, didn't you pack me some?!"
Thank goodness for Target! That was our first stop on the trip down to Kansas City for a fun weekend. We decided it was time for a fun family get-a-way. So on Saturday, March 14th we loaded up the kids and Uncle James and took a little trip.
After our little trip to Target we ate at T-Rex(a very fun restaurant) and then off to the hotel. After a not so good night sleep, we suited up and hit Coco Key Water Resort. Yes, we are aware there is one right here in Omaha, but what fun would that be?
Boy oh boy, do we have some water babies on our hands! K was slipin' and slidin' down every water slide she was big enough for and only took a quick break to eat some lunch.She spent a great deal of the day wearing out James! E loved the lazy river, some water slides and laying in the splash area. Bg spent most of the day in the hot tub that was indoor/outdoor (quite fun!) and had a real attraction to the different sprayers throughout the park. He got such joy out of spraying people that were least expecting it! Lg...well, he was quite the sight. I quickly realized a life jacket was crucial. He is FEARLESS!! He went down water slides and loves to go under water. He is quite trusting in the fact that he goes under and waits for someone to pull him up. :) Needless to say I was a little on edge. Aliya enjoyed splashing, and playing in the fountains, floating on the lazy river, and of course napping! As for James...he was very disappointed that were not many girls there for him to check out. This made me quite happy since his eyes should be on his NIECES and NEPHEWS making sure they didn't drown! :)
I must add if any of you think of doing this with your kids it was quite disappointing that we had to pay full price for the kids and there were lots of things they were not big enough to do yet. Thankfully we didn't let it get in the way of having a fun day. Next time we will check out some other parks and a little more investigating on height requirements though.
Dad and I really try to make a point to do some special things as a family that most might not attempt with 5 small kids. It does require help and extra hands, but its so worth it in the end! I must admit the day was VERY mentally exhausting for this momma who always wants to know exactly where her babies are!
And one of the best parts of the day came on the car ride home.....SILENCE!! :)