Monday, April 27, 2009

Lots to Cover

I always hated it when teachers started class saying, "We have lots to cover today." But due to a busy life with 5 little ones and my neglectful blogging, I do have lots to cover! :) So I will hit some highlights and try not to bore you.
Well, K and I took a little trip to visit our new, adorable, and absolutely studly nephew/cousin. We were gone for 5 days. Dad played Mr. mom and did a fabulous job (with a little help from Grandma Suzie on the weekend)! K got to do some fun things with her uncle Mark and Aunt Gina...while I lived in la la land loving on Weston. K made cupcakes from scratch with Gina, went to a very cool park, dyed Easter eggs, and got to go on her first creek walk with Mark. She enjoyed being the center of attention and got some much needed attention! Although the night before we left she was missing her sisters brothers and her daddy lots! This was my first time being away from Gator and I did quite well but missed them ALL so stinkin' much! Just to brag a little when we arrived home the house was clean, kids were freshly bathed AND I was informed that Lg no longer had pacifiers.....which I will admit I was kind of upset about....HE IS STILL A BABY!!! But we had a wonderful and stay and enjoyed meeting Weston and loving on him. This trip left Gina and I wondering how we could make it possible to live closer once again. We LOVE them!!!!
We had a very nice Easter at home where my parents came for the weekend. I took advantage of the girls still being small enough to dress alike. They may hate me for it some day but it made this momma's day! I dressed the boys the same too...aren't they all just cute as can be!

  • The girls sang beautifully in church!
  • 3 Easter egg hunts
  • One birthday party
  • Gator starts really crawling (AAhhh, we now have 5 mobile children)
  • The kids receive fishing poles in their baskets (daddy's idea)
  • 5 very excited children, 2 very exhausted parents....oh and grandparents! :)
It was a fun-filled weekend celebrating the resurrection of our Savior! Because He lives, I can face tomorrow!

We had Lg's 2 year check up (a little late), E's Kindergarten check up, and Gator's 9 month check up all in one week....3 seperate appointments 3 seperate days. I now have my own parking spot at Children's Clinic. :) All the kids checked out fine and Emilee is officially registered for Kindergarten!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A New Name

Our puppy now has a new name....Zoe. After calling her Ella for a little over a week, we began to realize not only her head would turn at the sound of her name. "Gator" who is also often called Liya (Leah) was responding too and visa versa. There names were just too close and confusing both of them. So 10 minutes before the first vet appointment we changed her name. Poor K came home quite confused...its amazing the changes that can take place when you're off at school!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The New Addition

Cinderella (Ella)
9 weeks old
Such a fur ball of fun!

EGGstra Helpful Boys

I decided to make my monthly shopping trip to Sam's Club on a morning that I only had 3 kids with me...first mistake, since 2 of those kids were boys.

I thought I would ask for "help" to keep them occupied...second mistake.

I turned my head away for just a little too long, TWICE...third mistake.

As a result I made two trips to the front to hand them one and a half cartons of BROKEN eggs. Thankfully I didn't have to pay for either and the lady kindly smiled and told me to go pick out some new ones. Three dozen eggs, gone to waist....and all I keep thinking is poor chicken went through all that work for nothing.

Shew...we made it home with the 3rd carton of eggs all in one piece! HOORAY!

I quickly began putting all the groceries away to begin to fix lunch for these starving boys. Bg so nicely found his dinosaurs and began to play. And Lg sat at the counter quietly playing with some slimy goo....WAIT, WHAT,...SLIMY GOO????? Yes, you guessed it I spoke too soon. Gage opened the eggs, broke one and was having a ball watching it run between all the food and his fingers.

I LOVE my boys...but am SO thankful for my girls! :)