Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our Beautiful Babies

Its finally done, well kind of. I have wanted to start a family blog for quite some time now but finding time to do so has been a challenge. Here is a little update on the kiddos.
Our oldest baby is now 5 and began kindergarten last fall. She is a very sweet tenderhearted girl that loves being a big sister! And is known around the house as mommy's big helper.
Em is our 4 year old and enjoying her second year of pre-school before she joins Kaylee at "real" school next fall. She is a very funny, spunky, and curious little girl. She certainly keeps us on our toes and keeps us all from being too serious!
Gav is such a 3 year old BOY! He is always into things and constantly searching for someone to wrestle with. Gavin is more than excited to go camping and fishing with his daddy this summer! Although he is all boy, Gavin is such a sweet boy and is always up for some snuggle time!
Gage is almost 2 (next week) and very much fitting the "terrible two's" stage of life! He is such a cuddler and LOVES his baby sister! I can always count on him to be the shadow under my feet!
Ali will be 8 months this week. She was our 4th of July baby! She is such a joy to have and we all are cherishing her "babyhood" lots! She has the sweetest smile and thinks her siblings are the greatest things EVER!