Friday, January 28, 2011

...And Tomorrow Will Be 8 Together!

Dear sweet baby girl,
Tomorrow I will meet you...look into your eyes and hold you for the first time. I can't wait. Your arrival has been something we have all been waiting for. Although we are still undecided on a name I know we will find the perfect one. You are such a miracle and loved member of this family. You are such an answer to prayers as I longed to have one more baby...and all fell into place.
Kaylee and Emilee have asked for weeks how much longer til you would finally come out. They can not wait to meet you and hold you. I am pretty sure between the 2 of them and Aliya you will never be short a "mother". Your brothers are excited too. Gage talk of the "newborn baby" that is coming in January...and Gavin says he wants to see you but he thinks holding you might be a bad idea since he often drops things! :) I agree. Aliya is quite unaware about what is about to take place but I know she will love you to pieces. Today she started to run a fever and got a bad rash...then we found out she has pneumonia. I am so bummed we can not have her come meet you tomorrow, but for the health of all that introduction will have to wait. I think you two will be great friends!
Feeling you move as I sit here is something I never want to forget. Its the coolest thing ever. You have never been too crazy in my tummy, you move, but are pretty gentle. I wonder what your personality will be like? You and I have made a great team. Its been the easiest pregnancy of all...and I am so thankful.
See you tomorrow, sweet girl! My prayer is that it will be a smooth and healthy birth for both you and I. I love you so much!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Gage!

Dear Gage,
Today you turned 3. Three whole years since I first got to see you, but not hold you. Your birthday is so special to me. Its a day of many emotions, but thankfully mostly all happy ones! Three years ago today I was told to head over to the hospital and we would get to meet you! I was so excited and nervous. See, you decided to come a bit too early in our eyes, but not in God's eyes. God knew the perfect day.
We were about to face some bumps in the road. Yucky bumps. I don't take the term miracle baby lightly. You are a miracle. You were given great strength and determination from so small. God used you to push me to a new level of trusting in Him and finding strength I never knew I had. Those days are just memories now and they are memories I never will forget, nor do I want to forget them.
Someday will share your story with you. You asked to see a baby picture of yourself today, and I showed you one. You ran away...then came back a few minutes later.  I guess I failed to inform you it was you hooked up to life saving machines. We talked a bit and you said to close the computer. You then asked me to show you not sick pictures, so I did. You smiled and said you were cute, I agree!
I think you told every person we saw today it was your birthday. You are so proud and wore a shirt with the number 3 on it. You asked for a poodle cake. I was not so sure how I was going to pull that one off, so I was very thankful you changed your mind and wanted a brown cake with lots of sprinkles...that is something I could handle! :) I am in love with your smile and laugh. You are still a cuddly guy and are always good for some snuggles! You love your baby sister. You are still very protective of her. You are one of the friendliest kids I have ever seen. We often joke that if anyone says "hi" to you then you are their friend for life. The other day we were at chapel for Gavin's preschool, I looked over to find you sitting on someones lap we didn't know. The same thing happend at the library. You have such a sweet heart and I need to teach you about stranger danger. :)
As I tucked you into bed tonight and your 3rd birthday came to an end I spent a couple extra seconds thanking God for you....even when you called me a silly chicken. You are quite silly.
Well, sweet boy I can't wait to watch you grow over this next year. You are such a blessing to us and to all those you are around. You are so loved! Happy Birthday, son!



Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Love List

Tonight was a struggle. No kids thought it was a good idea to listen. I yelled more in one night than I usually do in a month. I am not proud of that. So...I have decided to make a top 3 list for each kid what I love most about them.
1. Tenderhearted
2. Helpful
3. Determined

1. Goofy
2. Devoted Friend
3. Giving

1. Inquisitive
2. Polite

1. Loveable
2. Sensitive
3. Momma's Boy

2. Happy
3. Snuggly

Ahhh...I feel better already. Now I can go up kiss all their foreheads while they are sleeping and thank God for a fresh start tomorrow. Isn't it amazing how children are so forgiving? I love my kids. But sometimes I just need a reminder.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Gavin!

Happy 4th Birthday, Gavin!
I can't believe you are 4....where did the whole year of 3's go?? This year went by the fastest of all. You are growing into such a fun boy! You love to ask questions about how everything works and we find you getting into things often. I have figured out that you are not getting into them because you are trying to get in trouble you are just curious about everything in life and want to know exactly what, when, where, why, and how everything works. You keep up laughing constantly and come up with some very creative stories and thoughts daily.

Here are some of my most favorite things you have said/done:
1. sticking your head in the toilet on numerous occasions...and the dog.
2. rubbing syrup all over your hair and arms cause it felt cool.
3. Jesus lives in your stomach and not in your heart...cause there is too much blood in your heart. Jesus loves to eat you leftovers.
4. After complimenting you on your great listening at pre then told me that Jesus turns on the switch in you to listen at school and when you get in the car...He turns it off.
5. You can dress yourself, buckle, fill your are were one of the most independent 3 year old I have seen.
6. tell them in great detail and leave us wondering what is real and what isn't. Your imagination is a real gift.
7. You love to make others smile and have the cutest belly laugh.
8. You LOVE LOVE LOVE to watch t.v. I even put the t.v. on the weather channel once to bore didn't work. You learned quite a bit and talked about it for days.
9. You also love book and ask to be read to a lot.
10. You can be a wild man, but also pretty quiet.
11. If given the chance you are very affectionate and love to be held. I committed 20 minutes a day(10 in the morning and 10 in the afternoon) to holding you...and you love it!
12. You can be pretty shy.
13. Finally got bunk beds and you sleep on the top!
14. I love watching you write your name and seeing how excited you get.
15. You want to be just like your daddy.
16. Recently we found you on the floor at a McDonald's under a started to tell you to get up...then we realized you were inspecting the swivel chair to see how it worked.
17. you took the remote apart and then proceeded to tell me how it works.
18. You love to play with small toys and army men.
19. Although you are not the greatest eater in quantity, you will eat anything and are not one bit picky. Salsa is one of your favorites.
20. You are AWESOME!

You are a gift. I will never forget holding you for the first time. I was so proud to have a son. You have never been a demanding child and still tend to sit back and not ask for much or require much attention. Your sisters and brother adore you and love you. Daddy and I are crazy about you and are more than thankful for being blessed with you. God chose you for our family and I am overwhelmed with joy that I get to raise you.
I pray for your future wife and for you to walk with the Lord all the days of your life. To be a man of God and a strong leader for your family.
Happy Birthday, buddy!!
Love always,

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I am tempted to be down on myself and believe the hurtful things that people say and do....but I will choose to be joyful. The Lord has commanded us to have "happy hearts" as I often remind my kids. I am trading my sorrow and pain and laying them down for the joy of the Lord.

This is what complete Joy looks like to boys hanging out together and enjoying one another.Watching my daughter work hard to accomplish something and not giving up.
Snuggling and loving on this precious thing daily.Soaking up ever smile and amazed at the absolute beauty in this girl.

Being able to share my life with someone so selfless and forgiving. (and good looking too! ;)

Thank you Jesus for such a sweet life. I pray I choose joy daily.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I started this post a while back and never published it.

I have been feeling so led to share this photo and how blessed we are to have this guy in our lives. He is my oldest brother.
He is a absolute miracle.
Without going into detail, he has been through and survived more in his short life then most people would ever dream of in a lifetime.
I thank my God every time I remember you...Philippians 1:3

(this photo was taken Christmas of 2008. My mom and my oldest brother)

Monday, August 17, 2009

30! 30! 30!

I thought I would share 30 things I love about this guy since he turned the big 3-0 today...but really, 30 things that can but kinda...well....alot, so here goes it:
1. gorgeous smile!!
2. loving heart
3.great daddy
4.even better husband
5.incredible provider
6.great runner
8.goal setter
9.goal achiever
10. humble
11. giving
12. hard worker
14. kissable
15. very good lookin'
16. smart
17.very hairy legs
18. can cut his OWN hair
19. loves to workout
20. triathlon man
21. social
22. compassionate
23. great example for our children
24. outgoing
25. forgiving
26. funny
27. cover stealer
28. easy going
29. messy
30. HOT, HOT, HOT!

Well...that wasn't too hard.
Thank you honey for all you do! You mean more to us and are more loved every day!!

13 years ago today we started dating and never have stopped...and never will! :) Love you!