Friday, January 28, 2011

...And Tomorrow Will Be 8 Together!

Dear sweet baby girl,
Tomorrow I will meet you...look into your eyes and hold you for the first time. I can't wait. Your arrival has been something we have all been waiting for. Although we are still undecided on a name I know we will find the perfect one. You are such a miracle and loved member of this family. You are such an answer to prayers as I longed to have one more baby...and all fell into place.
Kaylee and Emilee have asked for weeks how much longer til you would finally come out. They can not wait to meet you and hold you. I am pretty sure between the 2 of them and Aliya you will never be short a "mother". Your brothers are excited too. Gage talk of the "newborn baby" that is coming in January...and Gavin says he wants to see you but he thinks holding you might be a bad idea since he often drops things! :) I agree. Aliya is quite unaware about what is about to take place but I know she will love you to pieces. Today she started to run a fever and got a bad rash...then we found out she has pneumonia. I am so bummed we can not have her come meet you tomorrow, but for the health of all that introduction will have to wait. I think you two will be great friends!
Feeling you move as I sit here is something I never want to forget. Its the coolest thing ever. You have never been too crazy in my tummy, you move, but are pretty gentle. I wonder what your personality will be like? You and I have made a great team. Its been the easiest pregnancy of all...and I am so thankful.
See you tomorrow, sweet girl! My prayer is that it will be a smooth and healthy birth for both you and I. I love you so much!



Mari Bryant- Marks said...

That is a beautiful letter. Thank you for sharing it :)

Christy said...

Can't wait to hear more news about this little one's arrival! Blessings to you, mama!

Karen said...

This letter brought tears to my eyes. You're a wonderful mom Sarah and have raised some great children! Of course, in 6th grade, when you were in 8th, I knew this all to be true then, you just had to find your perfect partner to make it all happen! Congrats to you and Troy on your beautiful family and your new addition.