Friday, June 12, 2009

Life In A Very Fast Lane

Life is crazy...crazier than I ever thought it would be. I have gotten the feeling from people lately that Troy and I do it to ourselves by putting our kids in too many things. But, both of us feel its totally worth it! We still get great quality time as a family, but let out kids experience things for themselves. So here is a little update on what we have been up to:

KAYLEE: gymnastics, gymnastics, gymnastics
She has become quite the little gymnast. Everything in the house is used for some sort of "trick" these days. She is the youngest in her class and other than her size, you would never know it! The best part is the huge smiles she gives while she is out there working hard!

EMILEE: Dance, Dance, Dance
Emilee had her first dance recital on Sunday, June 7th. She was nothing shy of being one beautiful ballerina! She got on stage and danced without one bit of hesitance. The make-up, hair-do, bundles of flowers and fancy costume left me being asked if tomorrow is her recital again...sorry babe, you have to wait a whole year to do that again. But, mommy and daddy can't wait!
*Due to the fact that she was not allowed to wear her costume to the recital, then dropped off backstage for the "stage mommy" to dress her, and by the time I could get her at intermission she was back in regular clothes we do not have a picture of her in the costume yet. As soon as we get the professional pictures on here we will be sure to post them!! And also possibly the video!

Gavin after finishing his first season playing soccer has now started playing for the Marlins. He was quite the slugger! After his first at bat, the other teams coach told his players, "Back-up, this kid hit it really far last time." Boy did that make his daddy smile! Once again I am asked daily if he has a game today. He is not so fond of playing in the field though and was quite disappointed to learn that the other team gets to bat too, but he is learning to accept it! :)

Gage's life consists of being driven from one place to another. He never minds, never complains and I honestly think he thinks he is involved in all the sports too. He takes his glove to Gavin's game, carries Em's dance bag for her to and from dance, and loves to imitate Kaylee by doing some forward rolls in the living room. What a good sport he is whether it be a spectator or just making a tower out of soup cans in the kitchen, he is pretty much always happy!

Need I say more?? Aliya is a lovable, sweet, squishy baby that bring us ALL so much joy! She is "cruising" around furniture now and starting to say some words. Her favorite thing to say it' "Uh, Oh" all day long! A new one this week was "thank you." She is growing up so fast and we are making plans for her first birthday which in on the 4th of July. Her life consists of most of her naps being taken in her car seat and her crib is just a place to sleep at night. Thankfully she is a very easy baby and all smiles as long as on mommy's hip!

Along with being a great husband and daddy Troy has begun a new hobby this summer. He is a swimming, biking, running maniac! By the end of the summer he will have done 4 triathlons. We had the privilege to all go to one a couple weeks ago. At this particular one he swam a 500, biked 18 miles, and ran a 5k. The kids enjoyed cheering for their dad and watching him come and go from the transition areas. Troy said it was so fun to have us there! I am looking forward to the next one and hoping to have the kids sport some "go team Hamblin" wear for him! I am so proud of him and what an example for our kids to see their daddy work so hard! I know it has been fun for him to have a hobby of his own even if it does mean single mom for a few Saturday's a year!

Well that is all for now, hopefully I can get around to doing some more frequent shorter posts, but no promises!